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Do you want your own organic, non-GMO vegetable garden in Orlando, but just don’t have the time? My Nona’s Garden is a low-maintenance, elevated, organically grown vegetable garden that we set up and service for you, right in your own backyard! We have addressed the challenges of gardening in Florida with our EZ harvest, vegetable garden system. The 2’x8′ and 4’x4′ garden combinations are an elegant, elevated addition to any home or business.

    • – Our organic practices and gardening techniques produce fresh, nutrient and anti-oxidant rich, robust tasting vegetables that just cannot be found in a grocery store.
    • – We have options for do it yourself-ers as well as a no stress, “Garden Service”, where we take care of planting, pruning and harvesting the garden for you.
    • – If you don’t have the time or experience in Florida vegetable gardening, it’s ok, with our Garden Service we care for the garden while educating our clients each step of the way.
    • – We also offer two seasonal garden replants per year to keep your garden selection fresh and interesting all year round.

All you need is a hose and level ground with 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day. Visit our Garden Store page to view all of our elevated garden beds and services available.

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What Can I Grow?

Your Own Vegetable Garden In Orlando

Organically grown vegetables and herbs
New Seasonal Menu about every six months:
• Fall/ Winter Menu: September– February
Kale, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Herbs, Edible Flowers, etc.
• Spring/Summer Menu: July– August

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Squash, Okra, Herbs, Edible Flowers, etc.

Why My Nona’s Garden?

1. Sustainable

  • Self-Watering, minimal weeding, and minimal pests

2. Fresh, Organic, Non-GMO

  • Harvested at peak freshness
  • High nutrient and anti-oxidant content
  • Robust flavor due to the nutrient rich potting mix and fertilizer

3. Higher Yield of Vegetables, Than a Traditional In-ground Garden

  • Square foot gardening practices

4. Environmentally Friendly

  • Eliminate Harmful Pesticides – Only Organic Soaps and Oils, if needed
  • Less Water used than Traditional Sprinklers
  • Florida Friendly Gardening – The Right Plant in the Right Place

5. Garden Service

  • If you do not have the time or experience to care for a garden we will take care of everything for you including planting, pruning, harvesting and two seasonal replants per year.

6. Florida Gardening Education

  • We provide an Organic Vegetable Gardening Education with our Garden Service, to have hands on activity harvesting and tending to the garden.
  • Remember: “Children that grow their vegetables, eat their vegetables.”

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