It’s Not Always a Bad Thing To Become a Little Dirty (Gardening= Happiness)

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When you are looking to start gardening or if you already have been for a while, you need to know that it is okay to become dirty! Gardening is about clean and healthy eating, but when you are tending to your garden, there is no need to be clean! At My Nona’s Garden, we can help you build your vegetable garden in Orlando! Whether you need tips or supplies, we are here for you and our wonderful staff can answer any questions you may have about gardening. Sometimes the most wonderful things are those that are unseen as well. The soil you use to plant your garden may have the best natural anti-depressant you have ever experienced!

What Is The Anti-Depressant?

Believe it or not, there is antidepressant bacteria in your soil! This many seem out of the ordinary but two universities in the UK have found that certain bacteria have the same behavioral effects as an anti-depression medication when it was tested in laboratory mice. The bacteria, that act as the best natural antidepressant, can strengthen our immune system, relieve inflammation, and trick our brains into producing mood-stabilizing serotonin. The mice that were involved in the testing of this bacteria showed an increase in learning abilities. When you are outside gardening, you may not even realize that you are inhaling the bacteria from the soil. If you are planting a rasied vegetable garden in Orlando and you would like to learn more about this bacteria, talk with the experts at My Nona’s Garden! Most people find relaxation in the task of gardening and their gardens are usually a place for them to release stress and breathe in the fresh air. This bacteria only contributes to the overall sense of stress relief when gardening.

Is It Necessary To Become Dirty?

Everyone tends to their gardens differently and everyone has specific preferences on how they like to take care of their vegetables. It is not absolutely necessary to become dirty when you are gardening (especially with raised garden beds) but you will find that the dirtier you become, the more benefits you will find from your garden. It is not a bad thing to become dirty when you are gardening. For one, if you are trying to stay as clean as possible, you may not breathe in as much of this beneficial bacteria as someone who is down and dirty in their garden shoes. If you want to take advantage of all of the benefits of your vegetable garden, you need to be okay with a little dirt.

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When you are planting a vegetable garden in Orlando, do not be afraid of a little dirt! You may even find benefits you didn’t know existed and if you are serious about your garden, you will want to utilize all of those natural benefits. The last thing you want to do is invest your time in creating a beautiful garden and not take care of it! To find out more about the best natural antidepressant and our raised garden beds, talk with our experts at My Nona’s Garden today at 407-593-8196 or visit our website!

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