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Gardening is not only healthy and tasteful but it’s great for exercise! Not everyone stays active because they are always on the go. Gardening in the comfort of your own home provides you with healthier meal options and convenience. It can be very beneficial to grow your own food because you are in control of what the vegetable consists of and you can avoid harmful pesticides by growing your own vegetables. At My Nona’s Garden, we take pride in our plants and we are here to help you decide what type of garden is best for you. Gardening isn’t just black and white. There are environmental influences that affect the way your garden will grow. One major influencer is the weather and the heat! Plants grow based on weather and the sun is vital because it helps absorb nutrients. Plant bolting is a gardening service we offer and can teach you more about.

Plant Bolting

When it comes to planting, there is a lot more involved besides planting seeds in the ground if you want a successful garden. Whether you are a gardening guru or you just like fresh vegetables during the season, you need to obtain advice from an expert at My Nona’s Garden who will provide you with tips on the most useful gardening tools. If you are experiencing issues with your plants, plant bolting may be a leading cause of the damage to your garden. Plant bolting is when too much heat gathers in your plants and prevents growth. If you have heat sensitive plants, this is something to look out for. Early bolting of your heat sensitive plants can cause low yield for the season. You want to make sure you set the foundation for a healthy garden in order to ensure you will be provided with the most vegetables. Our gardening service can help you obtain healthy plants.

Heat, Heat, Heat!

Plant bolting can be deadly to your whole garden. The sun is great for your plants but don’t forget, too much of anything is not always good. The reason a plant bolts is because the environment and the temperature signal the plant that the season is over and informs the plant that is it about to die. From here the plant shoots up and produces flowers and sheds seeds for the next season. The seeds lay dormant until growing season comes around again. This process recurs with every plant. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent heat sensitive plants from bolting but there are steps you can take to prolong the process.

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To find out what steps you should take to prolong the plant bolting process, contact My Nona’s Garden today. Gardening experts will guide you through what to do when your plants start to die. Your garden should be maintained and sometimes there are complications due to the environment. To talk to us about our gardening service, call 407-593-8196 or visit our website! We look forward to working with you and providing you with healthier eating alternatives.

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