Customizable Elevated Garden Packages

16 Sq Ft Starter Garden

Great for first time gardeners where the experience is more important than the yield.

EZ Harvest elevated bed fully planted and ready to grow with custom programmed Smart Water irrigation system. 



EZ Harvest Elevated Gardens:

We utilize a combination of 4’ x 4’ and 2’ x 8’ units custom configured to best serve your property

Each Garden Includes:

  • Delivery and fully planted garden installation
  • Self watering irrigation system with remote programming
  • All organic non-gmo seeds, plants, trees, and potting mix

Available with optional ground cover bed of rock or mulch under & out to a 2 foot perimeter

Basic service plan includes:

  • Two 45-60 min visits per month
  • Organic fertilizer/compost/pest management
  • Re-seeding as needed
  • Weekly reminders with tending instructions
  • Assistance with pruning and harvesting
  • Educational materials and in visit trainings
  • With basic service: Owner is responsible for the overall health and performance of the garden including performing weekly self service and the cost of any additional mid season planting requirements

Full Service Plan (suggested):

4 visits per month includes: Pruning, harvesting, organic fertilizer with compost and worm castings, organic pest management, mid season re-seeding and regular plant replacement, remote weather monitored irrigation programming, educational materials and in visit training.


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